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Today, Tyres are made of highly durable and non-biodegradable materials, so it is highly required to recycle it once tyres are no longer suitable for use on vehicle. There are several methods used to recycled tyres to reduce stockpiles and avoid their dumping on landfills. Such methods include the production of curb rubber, as recycled asphalt pavement, or as alternative fuel in the cement industry. However, using tyres as a base for furniture extends the lifetime of the tyre. Furthermore, it can be reused without any major processing. At the end of their use in our furniture, the tyres can ultimately be recycled in other forms. This saves a lot of energy as well as many resources and also helps to reduce the rate of illegal logging and the global wood market. This in turn can lead towards positive changes in current environmental issues.

  • Tyre furniture is highly sustainable and environment friendly.
  • Tyres are long lasting and not affected by any weather condition.
  • It gives huge flexibility to change the design/textile/form
  • And at the end of their use ultimately it can be recycled in other forms.

Old tyres (or Furniture made from old tyres, respectively) does not smell as most of the odorous-substances are released completely into air during its usage in Vehicles. Only new tyres smell.

To buy our products please contact our distributor nearest you or write us an Email at: info@uptyred.com

We do not have our own shop and offer our furniture online only. However, our furniture is occasionally exhibited in various showrooms and exhibition center. By Email info@uptyred.com , we are happy to provide you more details.

For individual customer it takes about 4 to 6 weeks. For retail order please contact us at: info@uptyred.com

We are happy to manufacture individual furniture and projects according to customer requirements. From small items to larger furnishing projects in collaboration with architects. For more details please contact us at: info@uptyred.com

If you have old tyres lying around in your backyard or in the basement you can bring them to our workshop. We can convert them into very stylish and comfortable pieces of furniture for you. Please contact us before you bring your old tyres. info@uptyred.com